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Rock 'n Roll and other music too

Rock and Roll history is part of Cow Palace history, with the fantastic moments in its past enhancing every current and future event. You can almost feel the history in the walls. Learn more ~ enjoy more! For a complete list of music events at the Cow Palace, see the Cow Palace Music Timeline

With Beatlemania in full swing, The Beatles kicked off their first U.S. tour here on August 19, 1964. Their performance lasted just 29 minutes, and was stopped twice due to all the jelly beans being thrown at The Beatles by screaming fans. Afterwards they snuck out by ambulance  because Beatles fans besieged their limousine. Nevertheless, the Beatles returned for another concert the next year.

Elvis Presley played the Cow Palace on November 28, 1976, the first of two sold-out shows. On Aug. 16, 1977, the day Elvis died, KISS played the Cow Palace and performed their last song as a tribute to Presley. “We’re going to dedicate the last song to the king of rock and roll!” Gene Simmons wailed. “Elvis Presley, rock and roll all night and party every day!”

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