History is truly alive at the Cow Palace, and brings added value to every event that takes place there today.
The Cow Palace is one of the most historically significant venues in the western United States - see the "Fabulous History" page for photos and details of its rock and roll, political, special events, and sporting past.
No other event center in the Bay Area has this combination of vast flexible facilities and truly amazing history. The Cow Palace is owned by the people of California and operated by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Division of Fairs and Expositions.
The Friends of the Cow Palace are dedicated to educating the public about the important history of the Cow Palace, engaging and involving the local community in ongoing events and programs, and in every way, supporting a bright future for this iconic and irreplaceable venue.
A new era is beginning at the Cow Palace, one where the past and the present come together - where the highly creative community of the Bay Area merges history, tradition, and innovation to create a new generation of exciting, immersive and educational events.
We are the thousands of Cow Palace fans, event professionals, and the local and Statewide community of people who own and use the Cow Palace. We are four generations of ticket buyers, neighbors, the horse and bike riders, the ranchers, the breeders, the Cheer families, Victorian Christmas keepers, history buffs, athletes, graduates, and first responders. We are the past, present and future beneficiaries of this beloved venue.
Join us! Simply add your email to become a member of Friends of the Cow Palace. You'll be kept informed of new events, online discussions, gatherings, political action, and other opportunities to contribute to a bright future for the Cow Palace - the People's Palace!
The Friends of the Cow Palace is a California not-for-profit Public Benefit corporation. Its tax exempt status is currently pending.
To contact us please email: friendsofthecowpalace@gmail.com

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