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Cow Palace Inspires Its Own Font!

The classic 70s look of the Cow Palace sign inspires a local artist to create a new font, Moonjumper Alpha. ​

Read the full article on the SF Chronicle.

Cow Palace Gun Show Ban Moo-ves to State Senate Vote

Ida Mojadad, SF Weekly


Gun shows at the Cow Palace are no more, but legislators aren’t taking it for granted. A bill to permanently ban gun shows at the Cow Palace venue in Daly City, on the border of San Francisco, passed in a state senate committee on Tuesday and is now headed to a full vote.

“[We] are not concerned about the bill as it is currently worded,” says Kevin Patterson, president of Friends of the Cow Palace. “It addresses only a concern for future gun shows and does not appear to threaten the continuance of the Cow Palace as a much-loved and important state-run fairground facility.”


Read the full article on the SF Weekly HERE.

Sting plays the Cow Palace
Were you there? Revisiting the 8 most legendary rock concerts performed at the Cow Palace

Charles Russo, The Six Fifty


What other local venue can boast more than four decades of showcasing not just marquee musical acts, but a who’s who of the very best rock ’n’ roll talent at any given moment during any particular era?


Read the full article on The Six Fifty HERE.

Cow Palace Legislation SB-281 Put on Hold

San Mateo Daily Journal, May 11, 2019


Thank you to all those who spoke up about the long term value and ongoing viability of this important venue!!! We made our voices heard, and the authors of SB-281 listened.

This decision to postpone the bill will allow the Cow Palace to continue its ongoing revitalization plans, including a retail and housing project with neighboring land owners.

Read the full article on the San Mateo Daily Journal HERE.

Cow Palace long shot
Cow Palace Debate Turns from Guns to Housing

SF Weekly, May 14, 2019


In April, the Cow Palace Board voted unanimously to end gun shows at the venue. At the same meeting, the Board also voted to allocate 12.5 acres of the Cow Palace’s upper parking lot for development into retail and housing. If agreement on how to proceed has not been reached in eight months, SB-281 authors indicate the bill will move ahead in largely the same form.

Read the full article on the SF Weekly HERE.

Cow Palace is Bay Area's working-class hero

SF Chronicle, December 23, 2016

By Peter Hartlaub - "The Cow Palace is the Bay Area’s workhorse, toiling through the decades with little credit, leaving hundreds of unforgettable memories in its wake. Other public spaces look better on a postcard, or in a Chamber of Commerce video. But none has had a greater cultural impact on a more diverse segment of the Bay Area."

Read the full article on the SF Chronicle HERE.

Old Cow Palace 'alive and well' with new paint and more

SF Chronicle, September 19, 2015

By Carl Nolte - "There’s new life at the Cow Palace, that drafty old barn just over the county line in Daly City. Only a few years ago, it looked like the arena’s days were numbered."

Read the full article on the SF Chronicle HERE.

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